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See you in a month!

Mark your calendars. Throw us a party.

After 15 months, 23 countries, and countless adventures, the Khalerias are packing up and headed home on March 22nd!

Don’t worry… I still have about 7 months of photos to post. And I will get there, I promise.

See you stateside!


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Merry December 25th from The Khalerias. I hope you are spending the day relaxing with loved ones, stuffing your face, downloading apps for your new Iphone4, and being happy in general.

Today we are celebrating one year on the road, and anticipating an amazing New Years Eve 2011 in Bali with great friends.


Thanks for spending the last year following us.

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As the Khalerias have started heading east, we are beginning to experience our fair share of eastern-style toilets. I must admit I’m a little gun shy of these things… but sometimes they are your only option. (Think ‘peeing in the woods, but into a really splash-heavy porcelain bowl’)


Luckily for us, squidoo has made life a little easier with a step-by-step guide on The Squatty Potty

Click on the link for some Monday entertainment!
(Thanks to Kurt for sharing…)

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The Khalerias did a guest interview on No Place To Be, a blog following Poi and Kristy – an English couple who just set off on their own roundtheworld adventure.

Check us out on the home page of www.noplacetobe.com.

Other happenings:

  • Been hit with a small case of photog-block (like writers block?). Hope to have some new posts up and running in the next couple days.
  • Spending the last few days enjoying Berat, Albania – where we have been working for the past three weeks. We leave on Sunday for Bosnia.
  • Just purchased tickets to Nepal! Ryan, myself, and our friend Alex will be taking on the Annapurna Circuit come October.
  • A big warm felt shoutout to Cindy Cooley – we appreciate you following us on our adventures 🙂

I’m feeling a bit homesick this weekend – really missing California this Labor Day – and wishing we were in Santa Cruz with the Sunset Beach Crew.

Enjoy the holiday everyone!

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001 Simons Town, South Africa

A few notes and updates:

  • I’ve been spent the last few hours starting to weed through the (gasp) thousands of photos I took in South Africa, and am stoked to move onto a new continent of posts in the upcoming days. Get excited. Africa rocks.
  • The Khalerias just got a job working in Albania at the Berat Backpackers Hostel.  Click on the link to check out where we will be calling home until the end of August.
  • It turns out that Albania is a really awesome place: in that post-communist-state, pretty-foreign-to-tourists, kind of way. And their flag kicks ass. Who knew?
  • From Albania, we are headed to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Please donate to help cover the massive amount of cash that we will spend on beer consumption.
  • I’ve had to start watermarking my pictures since I found out at least one lovely chap is downloading photos and using them as his/her own. If you want to steal anything from this blog, feel free to just email me and ask for an original.

Until next time, love from Albania!

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Days: 151

Countries: 7

Cities: 27

Kilometers trekked: ~320

Hours spent on a boat: ~170

Bus hours: ~290 (Yowza, that’s 12 days!)

Longest bus ride: 33 hours (El Calafate to El Chatlen, Argentina – also knows as the dreaded Route 40)

Plane hours: 24

Train hours: 0 (South America really needs a rail system)

Highest elevation: 6088m (Huayna Potosi)

Number of rice grains consumed: 7,942,855

Nights spent in a tent: 8

Nights spent in a hammock: 9

UNESCO World Heritage sites visited: 11

Tour guides who carried a machete: 3

Number of robberies/thefts: 2 1/2

*The two weeks we spent in Panama were also included in these calculations. We wouldn’t want them to feel left out…


  1. Pink Dolphins in the Amazon river
  2. Gato Negro boxed wine on sale for next to nothing
  3. Active volcanoes
  4. Millions of empanadas (empanadas for me)
  5. The Bolivian Salt Flats
  6. Colombian butt implants
  7. Camping in hammocks
  8. This monkey
  9. Making it through without getting bed bugs from crappy hostel beds
  10. Trekking in Patagonia


  1. Celine Dion on the Pan Flute
  2. Locals throwing trash in the Amazon River
  3. Guerillas boarding your bus
  4. Rice and chicken. Rice and chicken. Rice and chicken.
  5. The flooding of Macchu Picchu
  6. Loooooooooong Bus Rides that break down, don’t have AC, are overcrowded, and carry chickens
  7. Trying to get your check at a restaurant
  8. The beer. Tastes like water.
  9. Toilet paper (lack thereof, actually. anywhere.)
  10. Mosquitoes

IMG_1742 Adios, South America. You treated us well.

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The Khalerias was on the front page of WordPress yesterday!
Being a big fan and loyal follower of Freshly Pressed, I cant begin to show enough gratitude to all the people who stopped by the blog, left kind comments, and sent me overly-flattering emails. Im working on getting back to all of you in the next couple days… but THANK YOU!

The interwebs is a pretty amazing place.

A post on the wine country of Mendoza, Argentina tomorrow… before we head out on a Blue Cruise charter boat for a four day trip from Fethiye to Olympus, Turkey.

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