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(Happy St. Patty’s day! Someone have five or twelve Irish Car Bombs for the Khalerias… there’s not a Guinness in sight around these parts…)

From Iquitos, Ryan and I took a five day, four night canoe trip deep into the Amazonian Jungle with a native guide and a cook/boat driver. We spent our days on a tributary of the Amazon called the Ucayali – canoeing, fishing, and looking for (i.e. eating) weird animals and plants. Our nights were spent set up at a campsite made by our guide with a machete and some seriously strong arm muscles.

Among the giant spiders, beautiful butterflies, and millions of mosquitoes, we saw pink dolphins, sloths, monkeys, toucans, tarantulas, water snakes, alligators, and an electric eel. And unfortunately, I have documentation of very few of these. Jungle creatures aren’t too fond of being photographed.

  • Coolest jungle-ing adventure: night hunting for alligators
  • Worst ever: having over 800 mosquito bites. each.

IMG_2889 The ride in.

IMG_3022Makeshift campsite.

IMG_3064 Our guides navigating the jungle by canoe.


Tarzan. (or Jane)

IMG_3091 Afternoon fishing.

IMG_3000 Tastes like chicken.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty pictures… the jungle is a scary place with evil monsters lurking around every corner, and it will make you crazy if you stay in it long enough. Five days was about two days too long for me… although I will blame the mosquito bites for that, and not my inner wuss starting to kick in.

PS. A note on the infamous Amazon River dolphin (aka ‘bufeo colorado’): yes, they really do look like the picture below. It’s not really known why they are pink – theories say it could be the iron rich content of the water, the high number of blood vessels close to the surface of their skin, or a result of the crustaceans they eat. Also, the vertebrae in their neck aren’t fused, meaning they can turn their head a full 180 degrees. Which means they might be aliens.

pinky Pinky the dolphin. (this is not my picture. obviously)


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