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The area of South Africa known as Cape Point is full of beautiful beaches, gorgeous landscapes, tiny towns, and… baboons.

I didn’t believe it when our rental car company told us to leave our doors locked in case baboons tried to get in.

I didn’t believe it when we saw signs all over the road warning not to feed the baboons.

I believed it when we pulled over to take a picture of this:

DSC02591 (1)

And, right next to the sign, saw this:

DSC02600 (1)

And these:


(See the baby?!)

DSC02601-2 (1)

Luckily, the mama baboon seemed pretty scared of us so it stayed away rather than attacking our car and trying to eat us whole.

Congrats, Africa. You’re a strange place.



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We’re headed to Kruger Park on safari to see “The Big Five”.

(For those of you who are like me and have no clue what that means, the Big Five was termed by game hunters as the five most difficult animals to hunt on foot in Africa. They are: lion, elephant, water buffalo, leopard, and rhino)

Spent the last few days in wine country with the Veldmans (love you guys!) and driving along the coast of South Africa to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, where families of baboons run along the highway and try to steal food and cameras out of peoples cars. Seriously. Kind of like this. Africa is the most awesome place ever.

Be back on the 11th!

**Computer update: still don’t have one. The previously mentioned lovely gentleman also took Ryan’s laptop charger, so we’re totally hosed.

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