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The Garra Rufa (doctor fish) is a species of fish that has historically been used for the treatment of psoriasis; ie the eating of dead skin off a human patient.

In Thailand,  it is popular for streetside massage parlors to set up tanks of these tiny fish to give tourists ‘pedicures’. Last night, the Khalerias, along with our friend Chris, checked out a spa for a fish treatment.

Click the link  here to see us being eaten alive by the garra.

Verdict: I hated it. Gross. Disgusting. Ew.

(Thanks to Chris for letting me link to his website for pictures. Im currently having technical difficulties with my photos, but will be back up and running in a day or two…)


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(India vs. Pakistan, round two)

I was officially denied my Indian Visa this morning… which puts to end The Khalerias week long ordeal with the Indian Embassy. Straight from the embassy, we headed to an internet cafe, and started researching where to head from here. About an hour later we booked a flight to Bangkok for tomorrow afternoon.

I’m really upset/sad/frustrated with the whole Visa situation – but on the bright side, I’ll be having Pad Thai for dinner tomorrow night. I know many of you have been to Southeast Asia before, so please send us any recommendations! Neither of us were planning on heading there until 2011, so we’re going in blind.

One giant thank you for all the messages and words of encouragement I’ve gotten over the past few days. The ordeal has really shed light on how lucky we are to be Americans – almost everyone else in the world has to deal with ethnic-based discriminations trying to travel anywhere abroad. Like I told a good friend Zoey this morning – we’ve got it easy, so I quit my whining right now!

And one more special thank you to The Khalerias travel companion for the past two months – we are really going to miss you Parsons! Please stay tuned on The Parsonians Blog to follow ATP’s travels through India (and the Camel Fair in Pushkar)… sadly without us.

Talk to you all from Thailand tomorrow night!

(And, I promise, more blog posts coming soon – including pictures from our Himalayan trek)



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