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Home Sweet SF


The Khalerias made it home safe, after 15 months on the road. Thanks for all the welcome back emails/phone calls/etc etc. We’ve been home for about a week, and in San Francisco for some of the most glorious weather I’ve seen here.  I’m so, so beyond happy to be back.

IMG_0047 We’ve been spending the past few days wandering around the city, enjoying the weather, and catching up with friends.

SF 025



(My new Iphone took all of these pics. Pretty incredible!)

So far the culture shock has been pretty minimal, since we had an epic two weeks in Australia with friends to acclimate.

Amongst the drinks with friends, looking for a job, and going to Giants pre-season games, I’ll be getting some back photos posted from the rest of our trip – from Albania through the Balkans, to Oktoberfest, Nepal, and Southeast Asia.

I mean it this time. After the temporary hate-hate-hate relationship I developed with my camera, Lightroom, and this computer (which is bound to happen when you have it strapped to your hip every day for 15 months) I’m excited to get The Khalerias Blog up and running again. And I’m even thinking of starting a site where you can get a nice pic or two to hang on your wall.

Stay tuned!


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The 10(ish) days since we left Ventura have flown by, jam packed with errands and last minute shopping and going away shindigs.

We spent a radical weekend with the poopswans in SF, and then headed waaaay north to Crescent City for some big redwoods, good friends, and a giant ox… a mini-vacay to kick off the big, upcoming vacay.

PS. T-48 hours until take-off!

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