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Although the Cape of Good Hope is commonly misconceived as the southernmost point of Africa (its actually about 150km east), its breathtaking seascapes are no misconception. Another fallacy – the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point are actually two different spots – about a kilometer away from eachother.

The area offers a simultaneous view of both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans – a mixture between cold-water and warm-water currents makes for some pretty cool sights.

002 The drive in.006


011 The end of the world. See the different currents? 014 Turquoise warm water – quite the contrast from the gloomy gray waters of the cold current…022

010Far from home.


030 036

041 043

From the point, we headed back towards Capetown through wine country – and on to a safari in Kruger Park!


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The area of South Africa known as Cape Point is full of beautiful beaches, gorgeous landscapes, tiny towns, and… baboons.

I didn’t believe it when our rental car company told us to leave our doors locked in case baboons tried to get in.

I didn’t believe it when we saw signs all over the road warning not to feed the baboons.

I believed it when we pulled over to take a picture of this:

DSC02591 (1)

And, right next to the sign, saw this:

DSC02600 (1)

And these:


(See the baby?!)

DSC02601-2 (1)

Luckily, the mama baboon seemed pretty scared of us so it stayed away rather than attacking our car and trying to eat us whole.

Congrats, Africa. You’re a strange place.


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