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(Im about a month behind… but we made it out of the jungle!)

Parsons, Ryan and I spent four days trekking through Colca Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world. Its twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. It was a challenging hike, but totally breathtaking.

Canyon crew, with our awesome guide Luis.

Huaruru waterfall and sweaty Khalerias.

Swithbacks. Down one side, and up the other the next day.

View from the top.

We arrived in Cusco, Peru yesterday – and got the good news that Macchu Picchu will be re-opening on March 15th, so we will head out soon after.

More to come on our jungle adventures…


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Colca Canyon

Parsons, Ryan and I are an Arequipa, Peru right now – and heading into Colca Canyon for a trek. Be back on Feb. 13th!

Here’s what Ryan had for dinner tonight… Cuy

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