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Slackin on the job

I was going to start this post with:

‘Oh my gosh the internet is so slow in Laos that I havent been able to get a blog post up’

But really, I wouldnt have anything ready to post even if the internet moved faster than a snails pace here… as Im still working on editing all the Himalayan photos.

So here are the latest Khaleria happenings:

We’ve crossed the border from Thailand into Laos, and spent the last two days taking a slow boat down the Mekong River to a city called Luang Prabang. So far I love Laos: relaxed, friendly people, incredibly cheap food, and the beautiful Mekong are more my style than the big(ish) cities of northern Thailand.

About a week ago I was hit by a scooter in the town of Chang Rai, Thailand. I was crossing the street, and he came out of nowhere! Considering the situation, I came out relatively unscathed. Just some bumps/bruises and a busted leg have left me walking with a limp – but luckily Im not in a hurry to get anywhere 🙂

The Khalerias just bought tickets to Indonesia to spend the holiday season! We’ll be meeting friends in Bali throughout the month of January, and can’t wait to spend New Years (again!) with the good Dr. Grazier.

I pinky swear to get pics loaded up here in the next couple days. Until then, hope everyone is enjoying the hoildays!

(Happy happy birthday to all my early December babies and congrats to all the newly engaged couples! All the awesome events surrounding the holiday season makes me miss being stateside… cant wait to celebrate when we get back!)


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As the Khalerias have started heading east, we are beginning to experience our fair share of eastern-style toilets. I must admit I’m a little gun shy of these things… but sometimes they are your only option. (Think ‘peeing in the woods, but into a really splash-heavy porcelain bowl’)


Luckily for us, squidoo has made life a little easier with a step-by-step guide on The Squatty Potty

Click on the link for some Monday entertainment!
(Thanks to Kurt for sharing…)

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Its official!

One way ticket to Panama, December 26th.

Now just to figure out what to pack…

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Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for updates…

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