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From the jungle we headed to Cusco, with the intention of waiting for Macchu Picchu to open. Rumor around Peru was the Incan ruins would be opening no later than March 15th (reports say the Cusco area loses three million dollars a day that the ruins are closed). After waiting a week, the date of opening changed to April 1st, so we decided not to stay any longer…

Cusco is a beautiful city – albeit a little too touristy for my liking. And by too touristy, I mean people will follow you for three blocks asking you to get a massage, or take a tour, or eat at their restaurant, or take a horseback ride, or buy their souvenirs, or, or…

IMG_3167 Cusco by day.


And by night.

Ryan and I were both under the weather while in Cusco, so I don’t have too many pics. We spent a lot of time in our hostel (The Point, which I highly recommend if you find yourself in Peru.)

Most of the rest of the time was spent wandering around the city – since all of the museums and ruins in the Sacred Valley require you to purchase a ‘Boleto Turistico’ (tourist ticket; aka $50, which is really lame.) The coolest thing about Cusco is that most of the buildings are built on old Incan ruins, meaning the bottom half of the building is Incan limestone and the top half is Spanish architecture.



The Sacsayhuaman ruins. Not a good substitute for Macchu, but still really cool. Made of Yucay limestone blocks, some up to 8.5 meters high and weighing 300 tons.

From Cusco we headed to Lake Titicaca, on the border of Peru. From there –crossed the border into Bolivia, and are in La Paz now. Bolivia is spectacular!


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A Case of the Incas…

The opening of Macchu Picchu has been delayed – again – to April 1st… (not a good Aprils fools joke) so Ryan and I are bidding adieu to Cusco and heading to Lake Titicaca, and then onwards to Bolivia!
Anyone want a t-shirt from Titicaca?

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