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On a whim, and perhaps after one too many glasses of wine at happy hour, Lina, Ryan and I decided to jump out of a plane in the middle of Argentina; we made a reservation, and went the next morning.

Our Skydive company wasn’t too into technology (?) – so we don’t have any of those rad pictures that everyone else gets when they skydive… Here’s what I’ve got:

IMG_0153 The plane.

IMG_0151 IMG_0158

Closeups: the sign under the pilots window, and of Ryan’s jumpsuit.




We all went in a little skeptical, and a lot nervous – but came out debating whether or not we wanted to make an appointment to jump again the next day.

Skydiving is pretty incredible.

**A sidenote: Our Instructor made us watch an ‘informational DVD’ before we went up, which mostly highlighted a really strange young guy screaming U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What Im Looking For – the ENTIRE time he was coming down from his jump. This prompted a lengthy discussion on the perfect skydiving song. So far, the best we have come up with is Lets Ride by The Bone Thugs & Harmony. Please Advise.

*** New frontrunner: Broken Wings, by Mr. Mister (which might be the best band name. ever.)


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The city of Mendoza is most well known by backpackers as ‘that city in Argentina where you go on bicycle wine tours’. For me, it brings back memories of endless bottles of Malbec, giant steaks, and vicious games of Backgammon.

Most travelers come to take a bike tour through the wine country of Maipu, right outside Mendoza city limits. From there, you can rent bikes on the cheap and ride around to the different wineries… which is a pretty novel idea if you aren’t from California and do that all the time anyway. We decided to spice it up a little by renting a tandem.

(The Khalerias recommend Mr. Hugo for all your bicycle needs. They run their rental business out of their home, and are inexpensive, friendly, and will serve you lots and lots -and lots- of free wine before and after you take your bike out for a spin. Perfect for riding on a busy main road at rush hour!)

I was having too much fun with Lina and Ryan to take many pictures while we were here… but you get the idea

IMG_0077 IMG_0089 IMG_0084IMG_0097 IMG_0105 IMG_0110

A bike tour was pretty much all we accomplished while we were in Mendoza, besides stuffing our guts with giant steaks every night. Extra thanks to the awesome Hostel Lao, which was so comfortable we felt right at home.

Scratch that. We managed to jump out of a plane (!) the last day we were in Mendoza – before heading to Buenos Aires. More on that next post…

(We’re about to board a charter boat for four days along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Be back on the 23rd!)

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