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Kruger Park, part three:


Our first morning in the park, we caught two lions mating on the side of the road. During mating season, lions can mate up to 48 times a day for weeks, and during that time, don’t do much of anything else (including eat). Needless to say, these doods were pretty tired.

008 027


054Water Buffalo

We also came up on a pack of rhinos in a territorial fight. The pictures don’t really do it justice – but these three rhinos forced the bigger guy away from their area and across to the other side of the road.

(Also, rhinos are terrifying)






Adios, bug guy!


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Of all the creatures in Kruger, the elephants were by far my favorite. It could have been because our guide knew so much about them, or it could have been because they are as cute as all heck.

Ten elephant factoids:

  • They live to be between 60 and 70 years old
  • Elephants live in small, matriarchal groups of about 4-7. The mother elephant always leads the front of the pack
  • An adult elephant consumes about 50 gallons of water and 450 pounds of food. A day.
  • They can’t hear so good, even with those giant ears
  • The gestation period for an elephant is 22 months (oy!)
  • When an elder elephant gets sick and can no longer walk, the other elephants in their pack will carry them to the shade and bring them water to care for them.
  • If an elephant dies, they bury his bones under a tree.
  • Though there is no real proof, some elephants are thought to be homosexual
  • They are the only mammal that cannot jump. An elephant can only lift one leg off the ground at a time.
  • Elephants poop about 80 pounds a day. Beat that, poopswans!




057 058

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Sorry for the delay in posts… the Khalerias are recovering from a whirlwind tour through Budapest and Munich for Oktoberfest! This means I’m way, way behind… but hoping to spend a few relaxing days in Prague to catch up.

Rewind to safari!

From Capetown, we headed to Kruger Park, in the northeastern part of South Africa, for a 4-day, 3-night safari in the park. I must admit, my expectations were pretty low, and they were totally blown.

Some shots of the park – pics of the Big Five are coming next post.

006032First views of the park. 017Campsite

015 035 Baobob tree.



Safari Crew. 079

Hotel Warthog?

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