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As most of you know, the Khalerias have been searching for an inexpensive way to get across the Atlantic for a while now… between $1400 one-way flights to London/Paris and $2000, 14-day cargo boat trips, things weren’t looking good.

Enter the best website ever: skyscanner.net. Most notably their ‘take me anywhere in the world’ fucntion… which allows to you pick a city of origin and departure dates, and searches hundreds of airlines all over the world to find you a cheap ticket.

I’ll get to the point: The Khalerias are flying to Capetown, South Africa on May 26th! Looks like we will be heading up the Eastern Coast of Africa towards Kenya. If you’ve been and have any suggestions, hot tips, helpful information (am I gonna die if I cage dive with the great whites?), etc etc, fill us in!

Adios South America, and hello Safari!


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