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While I’ve been enjoying the sun and sipping on banana smoothies the last few days… Senor Khaleria has been hard at work – on the set of The Scorpion King 3! Say hello to your newest Royal Guard:


Ryan was recruited to be an extra from the guest house we are staying at in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Besides a pretty good time, the pay here for an extra is enough to last us a few days, and a few extra beers! The movie is scheduled for release some time in the summer of 2011.

If Ryan’s career takes off from here (which I’m pretty sure it will… check out that royal guard stance), autographs go exclusively to The Khalerias readers.


Being blessed (?) by a monk on set.


*Much to my dismay, The Scorpion King 3 is not starring The Rock. Lame.


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The Garra Rufa (doctor fish) is a species of fish that has historically been used for the treatment of psoriasis; ie the eating of dead skin off a human patient.

In Thailand,  it is popular for streetside massage parlors to set up tanks of these tiny fish to give tourists ‘pedicures’. Last night, the Khalerias, along with our friend Chris, checked out a spa for a fish treatment.

Click the link  here to see us being eaten alive by the garra.

Verdict: I hated it. Gross. Disgusting. Ew.

(Thanks to Chris for letting me link to his website for pictures. Im currently having technical difficulties with my photos, but will be back up and running in a day or two…)

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The Gilmer, a cargo ship, carries passengers and cargo up the Amazon River to villages and towns upstream that cannot be accessed by road. We spent five (crowded) nights on hammocks on the boat deck with 250 other travelers.


The Gilmer at port.


Mass hammock = not so much space.


Villages along the river.

The trip itself was really cool; we stopped at different towns along the water to pick up/drop off passengers and supplies. Among the cargo on our ship were the following things:

  • Two monkeys
  • Three pigs
  • Five dogs
  • Enough chickens to feed 250 people a day for five days
  • Countless birds
  • A few cats
  • A million spiders
  • Two million children
  • Five million bananas

One of the monkeys was the cutest. Even when it tried to steal Ryan’s stuff out of his backpack. This also spurred the previously mentioned desire to buy a pet monkey.


Other highlights: Ryan and I were followed around by a kid the entire trip, who enjoyed pinching us when we weren’t looking. And I was the victim of a water balloon ambush by a group of Peruvian children for two days straight. They liked to drench me with water balloons and yell ‘gringo!’.

Overall: The Amazon is awesome. And really pretty. Especially the sunsets…


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