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La Paz, Bolivia is an awesome city. Being the most third world country in South America (mostly due to its being landlocked) means lots of people, cheap food, cheap beer, and awesome street vendors. The Witches Market is a street full of legit witches – selling their potions and motions and lotions… and other really weird stuff.

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We bought a statue from the witch doc to bring us good luck – and it was promptly opened, smashed into a gazillion pieces, and repackaged by Customs when we sent it home. Jerks.

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The strangest thing sold in the markets is llama fetuses. All shapes, colors, and sizes. The witches say you are supposed to bury one under your doorstep when you move into a new place to ward evil away from your home.

From Bolivia, we took a quick detour through Santiago, Chile before heading far south to the end of the world for some trekking through Patagonia’s most famous national park: Torres Del Paine.


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